Employment Program

Employment program

El Centro offers a safe, indoor place where workers can gather each day as they seek daily jobs. The staff identifies special skills of workers, enters their information into a database, and advertises the availability of day laborers throughout the community. Employers hire workers for temporary, daily, and full-time employment. El Centro's staff helps employers identify dependable workers, assists in resolving any difficulties between employer and employee, and insures that all workers receive fair and agreed upon wages with no fees to employers.


We will help you arrange transportation to and from your jobs. But, normally, employers come to El Centro to pick up workers.

Registration and Wage

There is an hourly registration system in place for workers and employers between 6:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. El Centro's workers receive $10.00 minimum wage for general labor and more for skilled labor.

Share Your Skills

Employers arrive at El Centro looking for an array of worker abilities: Carpentry, flooring, framing, landscaping, plumbing, moving, masonry, demolition, dry wall, roofing, tile, general helper, house cleaners, etc.

Request Day Laborers

To request day laborers, please fill out the Day Labor Request form online. Thank you for supporting El Centro!