Financial Empowerment Program

This program is currently on hold

Credit program

A pioneering team of national organizations and community-based worker centers have embarked on an asset-building project that takes an entrepreneurial approach to meeting the financial service needs of low-wage workers, particularly immigrants, and accruing economic benefits for low-income communities. The store value card (SVC) project aims 1) to provide inexpensive, reliable financial services and financial literacy education to low-wage workers and 2) to build a sustainable income stream for worker centers and community-based organizations organizing and advocating for greater economic and social well-being in low-income communities. The card program is a way for low-income families to better manage finances and transact securely and reliably at competitive prices; the card consolidates vital services such as check-cashing, bill-paying, and international money transfer. It is also a way for community organizations to develop an income stream independent of foundations. The project will establish revenue-sharing contracts with card vendors which multiplies the benefits of card usage, and worker centers can formalize and regularlize membership dues collection through the card.

For more information on the card, please, contact 303-292-4115, ext.101

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