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Centro Humanitario Para Trabajadores is NOT AN EMPLOYMENT AGENCY, LABOR STAFFING COMPANY, NOR THE EMPLOYER OF WORKERS SEEKING JOBS IN THE COMMUNITY. Centro is a not for profit charitable organization providing a resource for workers in the community to learn job skills, protect their legal rights, foster education, self-sufficiency, assimilation, and citizenship.
Persons employing workers for commercial activities should have Workers Compensation insurance. Individuals using workers for non-business labor such as home repairs, gardening, general cleanup, or painting of owned residential primarily occupied property are generally exempt from Workers Compensation requirements.
Questions or concerns should be referred to your insurance, tax, and legal advisors.

By marking the box below, I understand that Centro Para Los Trabajadores (El Centro) is not an employment agency, and therefore I agree to the following terms stating that El Centro:

  • Does not provide Workmen’s compensation
  • Does not do background checks
  • Does not do skills checks, or job references
  • Does not charge fees to either employers or workers
  • Does not receive payment for work provided by workers
  • Workers are to paid directly by employers at end of each day (Cash preferred)
  • It is the responsibility of the employer to set clear expectations and provide supervision throughout the day.
  • If worker is not meeting your expectations, you will be required to pay them for the time worked or the 4 hour minimum.
  • Below are minimal employment rates, as established by l Centro's membership:

    • General labor: $15/hr. with a 4 hour minimum
    • General labor+Public Transport: $17/hr. with 4 hour minimum
    • Skilled Labor: Price Negotiated Between Worker & Employer with 4 hour minimum
    • If a day laborer or domestic worker is working more than 5 hours a 30 min break is required

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    Please plan ahead for holiday closures and schedule a worker the week before.

    Someone from El Centro will call to confirm this request, please note workers are available from 6am-11am M-F, if the request is made after 11am or on a weekend, your request may not be processed until the next day that we are open. If you do not hear back, please feel free to call 303-292-4115.

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