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EL CENTRO WILL BE CLOSED the week between Christmas and New Years 12/25- 1/2/18

Do you need skilled, reliable workers?

Do you want convenience and flexibility?

At El Centro Day Labor Center, hiring quality help at a fair price is fast and easy.

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Let us connect you with workers for your home or commercial project.  Our members have a range of skills and experience, including painting , landscaping, flooring, catering, cleaning and more.

Day Laborer and Domestic Worker members are hard-working men and women in our communities dedicated  to finding work to support their families.  At El Centro we strive to ensure accessible and reliable service by members through education, job skills trainings, and leadership development.  All this, and no fees for employers.

Hiring a Day Laborer couldn’t be easier: you can call, email, or stop by our center.  We simply ask you fill out a short intake form, as we provide a brief orientation outlining terms and conditions and answer any questions you may have.

Contact Us Now

– Call us at 303-292-4115

– Email: info@centrohumanitario.org

– Click here to fill out an order *please be aware that the minimum hourly rate for general labor is now $15/hour
Hire a Worker Now

– Stop by our office at 2260 California St., Denver, CO. 80205

Hours of Operation

EL CENTRO WILL BE CLOSED the week between Christmas and New Years 12/25- 1/2/18

Regular hours are Monday to Friday (6am-11am) **Please call ahead to schedule a worker for weekend and holiday hours.


Generally, employers pick up workers at El Centro with an expectation they return them to the same location.  In other cases, we will help workers arrange transportation to and from your jobs, the hourly rate for a worker to meet you on the job site is $17/hour.

Terms for Hire

Centro Humanitario Para Trabajadores is NOT AN EMPLOYMENT AGENCY, LABOR STAFFING COMPANY, NOR THE EMPLOYER OF WORKERS SEEKING JOBS IN THE COMMUNITY.  Centro is a not for profit charitable organization providing a resource for workers in the community to learn job skills, protect their legal rights, foster education, self-sufficiency, assimilation, and citizenship.

Persons employing workers for commercial activities should have Workers Compensation insurance.  Individuals using workers for non-business labor such as home repairs, gardening, general cleanup, or painting of owned residential primarily occupied property are generally exempt from Workers Compensation requirements.

Questions or concerns should be referred to your insurance, tax, and legal advisors.

Those hiring workers from El Centro will be asked to sign off on the following agremeents:

(El Centro)  Centro Humanitario Para los Trabajadores is not an employment agency and therefore:

  • Does not provide Workers compensation
  • Does not do background check
  • Does not do skills checks or job references
  • Does not charge fees to either employers or workers
  • Does not receive payment for work provided by workers
  • Workers are to be paid directly by employers (Cash preferred)
  • It is the responsibility of the employer to set clear expectations and provide supervision throughout the day.
  • If worker is not meeting your expectations, you will be required to pay them for the time worked or the 4 hour minimum.

Below are minimal employment rates, as established by El Centro’s membership:

  • General labor: $15/hr. with a 4 hour minimum
  • General labor + Public Transport $17/hr. with 4 hour minimum
  • Skilled Labor: Price Negotiated Between Worker & Employer with 4 hour minimum
  • If day labor/domestic worker is working 5 hours or more a 30 min break is required


The women’s Catering Collective is made up of five women who specialize in authentic Mexican cuisine, complete with breakfast burritos, tamales, meat or vegetable burritos, and traditional Mexican desserts. They are available to offer a range of services, from selling food items from a standard menu, to a more complete catering experience involving set up, serving, and clean up after the event.

All proceeds from El Centro’s Catering Collective are paid directly to the women as they work to become self-sufficient and provide for their families.

For more information about our menu and pricing, please refer to the updated CateringMenu 2015 in English.

To place an order please contact by phone at 303-292-4115 or by email at info@centrohumanitario.org.

Remember to place orders at least 3 days in advance (or two weeks in advance for large groups) and have the following information ready.

Information required for all catering orders:

  • Name and phone # of who is ordering.
  • Menu item and number of orders.
  • Name of who is picking up food and time of pick up.
  • Payments are made directly to the women catering your event.


Members of the Women’s Program have been trained in cleaning with and making non-toxic cleaning products.  Click here for the most updated Cleaning Rates and call 303-292-4115 or email info@centrohumanitario to schedule an appointment.