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Since 2002, El Centro’s growth and accomplishments have been greatly credited to the dedication, support, and ongoing contributions of volunteers and interns. Internships at El Centro have provided multiple opportunities and diverse, working experiences to individuals with a range of backgrounds, and ambitions.  Internships are often project related and offer the opportunity to gain experience in a specific area of interest.  Interns are asked to commit a specific amount of time each week for a minimum of six weeks and up to one year.  Past interns at El Centro have used the experience to launch their carreers in social services, non-profit organizations or immigrant or Latino communities.

El Centro has placed student interns from the Illiff School of Theology, University of Denver, University of Colorado at Denver and Boulder,  Princeton College and Wartburg College.  In addition El Centro has partnered with the Denver Foundation and the Buck Family Foundation to place interns.  Through the support of these organizations, students recieve cource credit for the work they do at El Centro while playing a vital role in the growth of the organization.

For more information about becoming an intern, please send your resume and fill out the Volunteer Intake form, please indicate that you are interested in an Internship.

Click here for details about the most current Centro Humanitario Internship Position.

For more information about internships contact Sarah Shikes by email or by phone at 303-292-4115.