Wage Claim Program

This program is currently on hold

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When low wage workers have an experience of nonpayment from their employers, they do not have many alternatives to seek assistance.

The wage claim program is a unique program in the Denver metro area that focuses on direct actions against unscrupulous employers and policy change to minimize wage theft in Colorado. By using a worker-led model, El Centro's wage claim program has led steps for workers to actively participate in worker's rights training, to provide fact-findings, and to participate in collective actions on their behalves. El Centro has recovered wages of $80,000-$100,000 per year and we aim to collect more wages for the low wage workers by using variety of methods (small claim court system, mechanic's lien) and by targeting repeately unscrupulous employers and companies.

Also, El Centro's community partner, the University of Denver, College of Law, has provided legal assistance and research since its inception in 2002 and their contribution to support El Centro has been invaluable.

For those who have a wage case should attend our orientation first, have to complete a workers' rights training and have to participate in organizing meetings actively and a direct action as required. For more information, please call 303.292.4115 ext.103 or email acarbajal@centrohumanitario.org

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