Publications & Research

El Centro Publications

El Centro has invested time and energy in understanding the needs of day laborers and domestic workers in Denver.  In collaboration with Dr. Tony Robinson, Professor of Political Science at the University of Colorado Denver. The following publications feature collections of surveys and stories from over day laborers and over 500 domestic workers in the Denver area.

Other relevant research

  • HOME ECONOMICS: the Invisible and Unregulated World of Domestic Work
  • Challenging Explotation and Abuse: A Study of the Day Labor in Cleveland
  • Employment Research – Fall 1999: The Policy Implications of Nonstandard Work Arrangements
  • Making the Queue: Latino Day Laborers in New York’s Street Corner Labor Markets
  • ON THE CORNER: Day Labor in the United States
  • Subcontracted Workers: The Outsourcing of Rights and Responsibilities
  • Unregulated Work In The Domestic Work Indusrty In New York City
  • WORKER PROTECTION: Labor’s Efforts to Enforce Protections for Day Laborers Could Benefit from Better Data and Guidance
  • Working on the Margins: Immigrant Day Labor Characteristics and Prospects for Employment