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El Centro’s day laborer Employment Program was designed to promote strong and healthy relationships between employers (often homeowners or small business owners) and workers by considering the interests of both parties, establishing a standard norm for employment and holding both worker and employer accountable.

Trainings, workshops and one on one support are offered ongoing through El Centro. Members participate in relevant workforce trainings using best practices curriculum developed by the National Day Laborers Organizing Network (NDLON). Core topics offered as part of the Employment Program include: work ethic and responsibility, health and safety, wage theft protection, and marketing for employment creation. Additionally, members have direct access onsite to additional specialized life and job skills trainings and English classes.

Employers who hire workers through El Centro fill out an intake with their contact information and describe the specific requirements of the job.  El Centro’s staff helps them identify dependable workers, arrange skill-specific laborers if needed, and assist in resolving any difficulties or misunderstandings that may arise between employers and employees.

In exchange for El Centro’s free services, employers agree to pay each worker directly, at a minimum rate of $15/hour. They receive information regarding their responsibility to the worker under labor laws including their duty to provide safe working environments to prevent worker injury, and their responsibilities under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) laws if a work injury is to occur.

By reaching this agreement with employers, El Centro’s Employment Program is promoting fair wages and safe working environments.  El Centro informs employers of their responsibilities and educates workers on how to create safe working environments for themselves and negotiate with employers to ensure that they are provided with the safest working conditions possible.

Men and women are available for hire and have expertise in landscaping, painting, tiling, cleaning, catering and more (just ask).

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Centro Humanitario Para Trabajadores is NOT AN EMPLOYMENT AGENCY, LABOR STAFFING COMPANY, NOR THE EMPLOYER OF WORKERS SEEKING JOBS IN THE COMMUNITY.  Centro is a not for profit charitable organization providing a resource for workers in the community to learn job skills, protect their legal rights, foster education, self-sufficiency, assimilation, and citizenship.

Persons employing workers for commercial activities should have Workers Compensation insurance.  Individuals using workers for non-business labor such as home repairs, gardening, general cleanup, or painting of owned residential primarily occupied property are generally exempt from Workers Compensation requirements.

Questions or concerns should be referred to your insurance, tax, and legal advisors.”