Wage Theft Clinic

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Wage theft in this country is rampant and its impact is felt on many levels.  For every case we resolve here at El Centro, we are aware thousands of Coloradoans struggle to recoup wages they worked hard to earn while facing dire hardships trying to sustain their families.  Day laborers are particularly vulnerable to Wage Theft, where studies show six out of ten day laborers in Colorado have experienced wage theft or nonpayment from their employers.

While El Centro advances much needed systemic reforms with ally organizations and governmental entities around education, enforcement, and advocacy, it remains committed to offer immediate support for its members and the community in general in resolving cases.

By using a worker-led model, El Centro’s wage claim program allows workers to actively participate in worker’s rights trainings, provide investigative services, and participate in collective actions on their behalves. El Centro also co-facilitates the Wage Theft Task Force, which is comprised of representatives from the Department of Labor, the University of Denver’s Law School, and private lawyers who specialize in recovering lost wages. The Task Force meets monthly and embraces a multi-level approach to recovering lost wages.

A partnership with the University of Denver (DU)’s College of Law since El Centro’s inception in 2002, has resulted in a successful recovery of $80,000-$100,000 in wages per year.

El Centro aims to collect even more wages in the future by utilizing a variety of methods, including demand letters, small claim court systems, and collaborating with experienced attorneys.  Through a partnership with Towards Justice, victims of Wage Theft may access support onsite at El Centro.

Thanks to partnerships with Towards Justice and DU Law for those that need to report a wage theft claim, the first step is to contact Towards Justice please call Justin Grant at (720) 441-2236 to schedule an intake meeting