Women's Coop

I. Worker Owned Green Cleaning Coop (Green Cleaning for Life, LLC)

In the face of the recent economic downturn, El Centro's women members most of whom are vulnerable and recent immigrant women came together to create a better job opportunity for themselves and our green cleaning cooperative (Green Cleaning for Life, LLC) is a result of our desperate effort to find an alternative solution to the economic crisis. With more than a year's preparation, El Centro launched a green cleaning cooperative(greencleaningforlife.coop) in May, 2010. Ten initial provisional members were selected, funding was raised from a number of foundations, and extensive training on green cleaning was conducted for members before our launch in May.

The model for the immigrant worker owned coop was based on a nationally recognized organization, Women's Action to Gain Economic Security (WAGES), and cleaning products were based on a model from Vida Verde (Brazilian's women's green cleaning coop.

The goals of the green cleaning coop are to raise the level of incomes for families, to create a democratic workplace controlled by workers and to reduce environmental hazards by using an environmentally friendly cleaning products.

For more information, contact info@greencleaningforlife.coop or go to www.greencleaningforlife.coop

II. Tamales Coop

Women's project members have created an informal food catering coop over the past years and recently, women at El Centro have created a tamales' coop to increase job opportunities. Despite the fact that this group is still in the process of developing the process, many women are thrilled to be part of the coop. Women will begin selling their tamales in the community and an order form will be published soon. If you are interested in supporting, contact nrosas@centrohumanitario.org or 303-292-4115, ext.105.