Women's Program: Diverse Women in ActionWomen's program

The Women's project aims to promote job skills, leadership of women and a sense of community among low wage women through organizing and the development of social venture. Women in the project select their own officers, design their own programs, determine the behavioral expectations, and control their project budget and earned income.

Established in February of 2004, the women's group is a team of middle-aged Spanish speaking immigrants who seek employment and seek numerous educational programs.

The job readiness training includes resume writing, different work culture workshop, business development training, and an introduction of cooperatives. The project is held on a quarterly basis for eight weeks to provide basic job readiness training for new members. Once women complete the basic course, they can join the cooperatives of women to promote economic self-sufficiency.

This year the Women's Program continues to vigorously expand and develop their Catering Co-op and exploring other small social venture projects. For more information about Catering services contact Lizandra at lacevedo@centrohumanitario.org.

Domestic Worker Alliance - Through collaboration with the National Domestic Workers Alliance, leaders from El Centro's Women's Program are actively engaged to make the plight of domestic workers better understood by the larger community. El Centro is organizing domestic workers in the Denver area with an ultimate goal of working with State legislatures to pass laws offering this often invisible workforce some of the fundamental worker protections taken for granted by the majority of U.S. workers.


Sewing co-op

Food Catering co-op:Catering Menu2009.pdf

 All the proceeds help women from El Centro Humanitario to become self-sufficient and independent while obtaining work skills and self development education.  For orders call at least 3 days in advance at El Centro Humanitario: 303-292-4115  or e-mail your order to Nancy at nrosas@centrohumanitario.org 

Information required for all orders: Name and phone # of who is ordering.  Menu item and number of orders.  Name of who is picking up food and time of pick up.  We cater mostly for small groups, but if you have a large order please place your order at least two weeks in advance before your event.

Women's Program Goals

  1. 1. Provide Spanish-speaking immigrant women with a safe place to promote a sense of community.

  2. 2. Promote economic self-sufficiency through development of microenterprise programs and job readiness training.

  3. 3. Develop leadership of women and promote the rights of low wage women through actions.


How does the Women's Program work?

There is a quarterly session that people can join for eight weeks. The women will meet once a week on Fridays. For the new session information, contact nrosas@ccentrohumanitario.org or 303-292-4115, ext.105

How can i join the women's co-operatives?

In order to join our co-ops, women have to complete the basic educational session first. El Centro is a membership organization and women completing the course have to join membership.

Aplicación para nuevas participantes en Los programas Educativos de el Projecto de Mujeres /Application form for new participants to the Education Program of the Women’s Project:
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